Your Vestry

Your Vestry


Grace-St. Luke's Vestry (lay leadership council) is the governing body of the church, elected at the Annual Meeting of the Parish by the congregation as the spiritual lay leadership responsible for collaborating with the Rector, Wardens, Staff, and Parish House Volunteers on carrying out the broad and specific work of God’s Church through the administration and programs of the parish, overseeing policy and operations, and assigned to ministry (commission) areas. Vestry meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month (6:30 p.m.) and minutes are available upon request.

Your active participation is crucial to strong governance. Please make sure you cast a ballot in Vestry elections each fall. All communicants in good standing and over the age of 16 years old are eligible to vote. Please do not hesitate to voice any idea or concern to a Vestry member or ask that they bring an issue up on your behalf in their meetings.

2-5-23 Parish Hall Forum "Vital Christian Community and the Health of GSL Conversation"
5-5-23 Announcement: GSL to Begin Strategic Plan Development Process 

Class of 2023, term begins January 1, 2021 and Expires December 31, 2023
George Johnson (Senior Warden)
Andy Nix (Community Engagement)
Johnny Norris (Junior Warden)
Paula Sappington (Congregational Development)
Taylor Taylor (Stewardship)

Class of 2024, term begins January 1, 2022 and Expires December 31, 2024
Bill Abernathy (Congregational Development)
Karen Clark (Adult Formation)
Beth Perkins (Community Engagement)
Hallie Peyton (Clerk)
Rudy Williams (Congregational Development)

Class of 2025, term begins January 1, 2023 and Expires December 31, 2025
Jennifer Gibbs (Youth Formation)
Ruthie Lentz (Community Engagement)
Price Peacock (Congregational Development)
Matt Sights (Children's Formation)
Hal Wright (Stewardship)

Executive Committee 
Senior Warden: George Johnson
Junior Warden: Johnny Norris
Clerk: Hallie Peyton
Treasurer: Phil Ashford (Non-Vestry member)

If you have any questions or comments for the Vestry, please email them to this address.


Contact Vestry Commissioners via Realm Connect (

The administration and programs of the parish are divided into five areas: (1) Administration; (2) Community Engagement; (3) Congregational Development; (4) Formation; and (5) Stewardship. Clergy and/or Staff are responsible for each area working closely with Vestry members who serve as Commissioners (participants and liaisons between area committees and teams and the Vestry). The “commission structure” ministry model seeks to assist the shared work of ministry required to maintain and sustain a large thriving “resource” size parish. (Vestry Commissioners collaborate with respective clergy, staff, committees, and teams to carry out their roles and responsibilities on behalf of the parish.)

ADMINISTRATION includes includes Communications, Finance, Property & Facilities Management, Pastoral Care, Stewardship, Worship & Music
Commissioners (Senior Warden & Junior Warden): George Johnson, Johnny Norris

To collaborate with the Rector, other Clergy, Staff, and lay leaders on the roles and responsibilities related to overall administration of the parish including staff development and recruitment, human resources/personnel committee, operations, and membership; and provide support necessary for communications resources to effectively and efficiently communicate all aspects of parish life both within and beyond the parish.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT (Outreach and Social Justice)
Andy Nix, Ruthie Lentz, Beth Perkins
Outreach - To collaborate with Staff, Clergy, and lay leaders in creating and maintaining ways for parishioners to serve others through charitable parish in-house initiatives (Food Pantry, More Than A Meal) and non-parish initiatives and agencies that focus on the poor and needy, and respect for the dignity of every human being, including GSL “Servant Ministry Partners” who receive GSL Community Outreach Grants to perform their ministries to the wider community. Definition: Outreach is reaching beyond our internal parish life to serve God’s people and the wider community through acts of charity and volunteer opportunities to further the mission of a particular ministry, agency, or organization. Daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal opportunities are available to effect the work of our Servant Ministry Partners and our journeys with Christ. It is not mutually exclusive of Social Justice.

Social Justice - To collaborate with Staff, Clergy, and lay leaders on creating and maintaining ways for parishioners to serve others through advocacy-focused parish and non-parish initiatives and agencies, including any GSL grant-recipient “Servant Ministry Partners,” committed to understanding, addressing, and reforming the systemic causes for the challenging, dire, and inequitable circumstances of fellow members of the human family. Definition: Social Justice is our commitment to measures and laws as well as engagement of systemic and policy reforms that move persons in need from dependency to greater self-sufficiency; from privileges to rights; from lower to higher quality of life; and from shame to dignity. This continuum involves initiatives that move an individual from temporary to more permanent solutions; from one-time assistance to extended help; and changing our ministry focus from individual responsibility to that of a systemic change, often through policy-making. It is not mutually exclusive of Outreach.

CONGREGATIONAL DEVELOPMENT includes Fellowship, Recreation and Wellness, and Reinvigorating Church
Commissioners: Bill Abernathy, Price Peacock, Hallie Peyton, Paula Sappington, Rudy Williams
To collaborate with Staff, Clergy, and lay leaders on a comprehensive approach to the development, engagement, and growth of parish ministries; to invite, create, and incorporate new members; and to explore ways for the parish to spread the Gospel and engage the wider community.

Fellowship. Fellowship opportunities in the way of ongoing and seasonal events that support a parish commitment to building community among its members, newcomers, and visitors, including receptions after all worship offerings of the parish. 
Recreation and Wellness. Recreation and Wellness welcomes the parish, school and wider community to participate in opportunities designed to promote healthy and active lifestyles for all ages through team sports, fitness, and wellness programs, valuing the safety and wellbeing of all sports participants.

  • Sports. Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church provides sports opportunities in the parish, school and wider community, through church leagues, for children in Junior Kindergarten through 4th grade. Our primary focus is to teach children the fundamentals of sports and competition, while fostering principles of leadership and integrity.
  • Fitness and Wellness. Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church seeks to improve the health and well-being of individuals throughout the community by offering a range of physical fitness and wellness programs open to all.

Reinvigorating Church. Collects input from the congregation and the larger community (“listens”) in an effort to identify how we can better engage our members and non-members and develops programs and events to support our Mission and Vision based on GSL 2021 “Reimagining Church” initiative.

FORMATION – Adult, Youth, Children
Commissioners: Karen Clark (Adult), Jenn Gibbs (Youth), Matt Sights (Children)
To collaborate with Staff, Clergy, and lay leaders on the educational and discipleship ministries of the parish: planning, implementing, and evaluating Christian formation programs for all ages, as well as special and seasonal offerings to engage the wider community.

Commissioners: Taylor Taylor, Hal Wright
To collaborate with Staff, Clergy, and lay leaders on leading the people of GSL into generous responses to God's love by the offering/pledging of their gifts of time, talent, and treasure including money. Given that the financial wellbeing of the parish is directly related to Christian discipleship, stewardship realizes that individual engagement of worship, formation, in-reach, outreach, and social justice as key sources for discovering what it means to be faithful stewards of God's abundance.

2023 Vestry Goals. Through collaboration by and assignments to the five Vestry Commission Areas (Administration, Community Engagement, Congregational Development, Formation, Stewardship) working with the Clergy-Staff Team and many others, the ways/approaches/details and especially the timelines to reach said goals will be shared and updated accordingly. 

  1. Develop Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Mission and Ministry of Grace-St. Luke’s Church
  2. Increase Engagement in Current and Develop Future Parish Life Programs  
    (Worship, Formation, In-reach, Outreach, Social Justice, Fellowship, Music, Recreation and Wellness)
  3. Adopt Strategic Communication Plan for Internal and External Marketing of Programs
  4. Administer Gifts and Talents Survey of Parishioners to Improve Time and Talent Stewardship
  5. Maintain and Increase Financial Giving and Adhere to Budget Plan to Support Operations