Follow these links for more information about Wellness at GSL. You may also contact Recreation and Wellness Director Christi Authement with any questions. Watch this great Recreation and Wellness video highlighting these 2 great programs at GSL and peruse the January 2022 At-A-Glance and Recreation and Wellness brochure.

Enneagram Retreat Workshop

Dates: Saturday February 11, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Location: Trezevant Hall 
Would you like to have healthier relationships? More productive workplaces and meetings? The Enneagram is a personality typing system that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. Join us for a group journey of self-discovery and coaching, facilitated by seasoned coach Anna Duggan, as we learn more about who we are and how we interact with others. Contact Christi Authement for questions: cauthement@gracestlukes.org or 901-825-7353. For more information, click here, and sign up today at tinyurl.com/EnneagramFeb2023

Your Fitness & Wellness Survey Results Are In: CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. 

GSL Walking Group

According to the Fitness & Wellness Survey, you would like to start a WALKING GROUP. We need a POINT PERSON to oversee/lead this group! 
Some details may include: 1. A point person will oversee/lead the group. 2. The group meets weekly. 3. The starting point is at GSL Church 4. The group can join with other churches, etc. 5. The group meets the same day/time each week. 6. The groups can walk various routes. 7. A destination walk every couple of months.
If you are interested in hearing more about this program or would like to be a WALKING GROUP LEADER, please contact Christi Authement (901-825-7353, cauthement@gracestlukes.org).

GSL Frozen Meal Ministry

The GSL Wellness Committee is partnering with our Food Pantry Ministry to make healthy meals for the freezer for our neighbors. All this is through our partnership with Church Health. Come be a part of a team and our cooking parties!

  • We need volunteers for Cooking Teams.  Below is a description of the Frozen Meal Ministry.   
  1. GSL Food Pantry will oversee and recruit volunteers to prepare and freeze “Healthy Meals” for the weekly food pantry participants.
  2. Teams will prepare and freeze meals on their designated week for weekly food pantry participants.
  3. The goal is to have 8-12 cooking teams, with 4-6 folks on a team.  Currently there are 9 teams.
  4. Both GSL Food Pantry and Wellness Committee Members will help recruit cooking team participants, serve on a team, and possibly serve as a team leader.
  5. Teams will have a Team Leader and the leader has the opportunity to recruit friends/folks to be on their cooking team.
  6. If there are 12 teams, teams might cook 4 times a year.  If fewer teams, they might cook up to 6 times a year. 
  7. We’ve asked participants to commit for approximately ONE year. Again, the commitment is to cook 4-6 times annually.  This is very doable.
  8. Teams will prepare/freeze the meals in the GSL kitchen for approximately 2 hours.  Cooking teams will coordinate with the church kitchen schedule and their cooking team participants.
  9. Teams can be flexible (life happens) and if a team leader can’t make his/her cooking rotation, one of his/her cooking team members may take the lead.
  10. Meals will be stored in our food pantry freezers.
  11. Currently, these meals are provided for the CHC’s clients.  Their clients will visit our food pantry ministry weekly.  We know their participants have access to freezers and cooking means. This program was created by the CHC and they asked GSL Church to partner with them from the ground up.
  12. Ingredients and recipes will be available for the teams in the GSL Church kitchen.
  13. New team leaders will be paired with a veteran team leader for one session to learn how to prepare and package the meals. 
  14. Team Leaders will share/teach their team what they learned at the cooking session. 
  15. *What I need from the Wellness Committee Members is for you to let me know if you are willing to participate in this ministry, either as a team leader, to serve on a cooking team and/or help recruit team leaders and participants.  Team Leaders may recruit their own team members, but there are opportunities to join a team.  I will let you know who’s signed up to be a team leader ASAP, so you can decide if you want to possibly join their team.
  16. The Wellness Committee’s role in this collaboration is to help with the services listed above.
  17. The Director of Wellness programs will promote through the GSL website, GSL eNews and Church Newsletter, the GSL Church FB page and the Diocesan Newsletter. 
  • If you are interested in helping with this program, please contact Jerry Hudson (a member of the Outreach program) via Realm Connect.        
  • An interesting fact: The CH discovered from a recent survey that MANY folks who use food pantry services are eating UNHEALTHY meals, not just because they might not have the means to prepare/store them, but because they are in “Food Deserts”, which means they are NOT close to grocery stores, etc. that provide healthy foods.  Dollar General and Family Dollar stores are close by, and participants said it was very convenient to buy canned and unhealthy foods from these stores. So, the CH decided to try something different and prepared and froze healthy meals and offered them to their regular food pantry participants.  The participants LOVED these meals, and it was a great success!  Due to this success, the CH wants to teach this model to the community, through the involvement of churches and other organizations.