Opportunities to connect, engage, and serve.

Sharing our faith is key to strengthening it. And so are sharing our gifts, our joy, and our time. There are lots of ways to "plug in" to the community of faith at Grace-St. Luke's.

Help an outreach effort.


For all of us, likely, it is a struggle to live a Christ-like life of compassion and service to "the least of these." Yet there are so many in need across the world and in "our own back yard." Grace-St. Luke's parishioners gather in a number of efforts to extend a loving hand to a neighbor in need.

Click this link to find out about how you can volunteer for or help Grace-St. Luke's outreach programs.

Volunteer for a church committee.


Grace-St. Luke's offerings would not be possibe without the countless volunteers who give of themselves to make our glorious worship and vital programs happen. Please consider volunteering your time or gifts to help one or more of these groups with their important missions.

Click this link for a list of volunteer opportunites with church committees.

Build friendships in a fellowship group.


There are a number of fellowship groups at Grace-St. Luke's where people gather to talk, relax, and build the friendships and connections that make our parish so strong.

Click here to learn more about these welcoming groups.