Children and Youth

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2019 Schedule

January 6, The Epiphany

  • Poetry: Light and New Beginnings with the Rev. Katherine Bush

January 13 & 20, First/Second Sunday after the Epiphany

  • What Do Our Neighbors Believe? with Rabbi Micah Greenstein:

    The neighbors we encounter nowadays do not always hold the same religious beliefs as we do.  This is a fact of contemporary life, exemplified by the diversity of places of worship we see as we travel:  synagogues, churches, and mosques.  What do our neighbors believe about the big "umbrella" issues that are dealt with by these three faiths?  What are the teachings we have been told about our neighbors that are not what our neighbors believe? Rabbi Greenstein has edited and expanded the Jewish section of a new book titled, "What Do Our Neighbors Believe?" that will hopefully open windows of understanding for those interested in three of the world's major faiths.  

January 27, Third Sunday after the Epiphany

  • A Vision for Grace St. Luke's with the Rev. Ollie Rencher and Vestry