Sports Ministry: Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church provides sports opportunities in the parish, school and wider community, through church leagues, for Junior Kindergarten-Fourth grades. Our primary focus is to teach children the fundamentals of sports and competition, while fostering principles of leadership and integrity. 


Grace-St. Luke’s Church leadership team continues to monitor the ongoing developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in an effort to keep everyone safe and lower the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

Each person’s safety and well-being are our priorities and Grace-St. Luke’s leadership team will continue to monitor and update you with this health situation as it pertains to our sports programs.

2022 Spring Soccer JK-4th Grades

Spring Soccer Top 10 List

Dear Friends: On October 17, GSL kicked off the annual stewardship campaign to ask each parish household to participate in Every Member Canvass 2022 through a financial pledge by Sunday, November 21. Along with members and newcomers, members of the Staff and the Clergy also are making commitments. 100% pledge participation will make it possible for our RECREATIONAL AND WELLNESS programs, and the ministry we share to remain possible and even expand because of money. Every pledge amount is important and matters toward the whole of the church’s operating budget built on pledge income from you, me, and many others.

Please read the “Frequently Asked Questions – October 2021 | Why Giving Matters” resource at, where you also can make your pledge and be recognized by the Stewardship Team. I learned that several of you already have made a pledge and I know the team is grateful! Because the finance committee is working on the 2022 budget, I hope you’ll join this major community effort and make your commitment by Pledge Sunday, November 21. If I can answer questions about where our pledge dollars go, please contact me or Chapman Morrow, Membership & Stewardship Associate (cmorrow [at] gracestlukes [dot] org, 901-252-6328).



SPRING SOCCER REGISTRATION is JANARY 1-31 and can be accessed through the GSL Church website at


PRACTICES: Begin in March

SEASON: March 26-May 7/14 (6 game season)

-PRACTICES: are weekdays and weekends and typically 1-2 weekly, pre-season.  Then will drop to one.

-GAMES: are Saturday morning and afternoons.

* Registration fills-up quickly, so please register sooner than later.


-CDC Guidelines will be in place.



TOP TEN LIST.  Click here.



--For continuity, WHENEVER possible, the intent is to keep the ESCRA League spring soccer teams and coaches together from the PREVIOUS FALL SEASON.  Because soccer is offered twice annually, this is the ONLY SPORT that teams will likely stay the same for ONE FULL CALENDAR YEAR.  ALL other sports TEAMS WILL CHANGE FROM SEASON TO SEASON.  The leagues we play in request balanced teams by age, grade and ability.  Church Recreational sports leagues encourage players to be placed with different coaches (and players) from season to season, so we honor this.  Thanks for supporting our mission!

*Efforts are made with GSL Coaches and Sports Leagues to accommodate multiple (overlapping) GSL Sports.  Please refer to the GSL Church “Fairness Policy” (included on the online registrations and sports website) if you have any questions about practice attendance and game playing time.   

 Fairness Policy Link

   *Some challenges with our Spring Soccer Program:  

1.       We don't have weekly GSL Field usage for practices, as it is utilized by the school for their baseball season; therefore, we will have practices during the week at Tobey Field and practice at the GSL field on the weekends.  

 The ESCRA League has PROMISED that they will make EVERY EFFORT to schedule GSL games within the Memphis City limits.  One of the challenges during the spring season is that most available league game fields are located in East Memphis, Germantown, Cordova and Collierville. 

2.       We offer a Baseball/Softball/T-Ball Program and an Extended Basketball League (for 3rd & 4th grades only) that overlaps with this season. This creates some challenges with scheduling all sports practices and games.  The impact of these programs will be regularly re-evaluated and we’ll make any adjustments as needed.

*Please refer to the 2022 Calendar tab on the sports webpage for all season dates. 

ESCRA *Inclement Weather (Rain-Out) Information

Call 901.336.7246 at 8:00am on Saturdays for any Saturday game cancellations. - See more at:  For more information please contact Christi Authement at Cauthement [at] gracestlukes [dot] org.