Sports Calendar


Sports Ministry: Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church provides sports opportunities in the parish, school and wider community, through church leagues, for Junior Kindergarten-Fourth grades. Our primary focus is to teach children the fundamentals of sports and competition, while fostering principles of leadership and integrity.

Grace-St. Luke’s Church leadership team continues to monitor the ongoing developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in an effort to keep everyone safe and lower the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

Each person’s safety and well-being are our priorities and Grace-St. Luke’s leadership team will continue to monitor and update you with this health situation as it pertains to our sports programs.


Watch this great Recreation and Wellness video highlighting these 2 great programs at GSL and peruse the January 2022 At-A-Glance and Recreation and Wellness brochure.

Safeguarding God’s Children Child Abuse Prevention ONLINE Trainingfor ALL who VOLUNTEER and WORK with CHILDREN AND YOUTH in the Episcopal Diocese.
Safeguarding God’s Children is a training program for the prevention of sexual abuse of children and youth. The training informs participants of the ways predators gain access to and groom children for abuse and it outlines the safeguards the church has put in place to protect children and youth in our churches, schools, and diocesan institutions.

Who needs to do the online training?
•Any volunteers working with children and youth (including Christian Education Leaders) who have not completed a child abuse and sexual misconduct prevention of program in the last three years
•Anyone who wishes to learn more about how their parish can protect children and youth. For more information please contact Christi Authement at or 901.825.7353.



Spring Soccer Registration January  1-31

Sports Uniform Drop Box: February 8-14

Spring Soccer Practices BeginMay begin March 1

Spring Soccer SeasonApril 1- May 13

Baseball Registration: February 1-28

Baseball Assessments: March 26

Baseball Coaches Meeting: TBA

Baseball, Softball & T-Ball Practices Beginmay being April 1

Baseball, Softball & T-Ball SeasonMay 1-30

Baseball/Softball/T-Ball Team Photos: TBA

Fall Sports: Flag Football & Fall Soccer Registration: May 1-June 1

Uniform Drop Box: TBA

Fall Soccer Coaches’ MeetingMid- August

Flag Football Coaches' Meeting: Mid- August

Fall Soccer and Flag Football Practices BeginMid-August

Fall Soccer Season: September 9- November 11

Flag Football SeasonSeptember 9- November 11

Fall Soccer Team Photos (GSL FIELD): TBA

Basketball Registration: September 1-30

Basketball AssessmentsOctober 22

Uniform Drop Box: TBA

Basketball Coaches’ MeetingLast week in October

ESCRA Basketball Practices Begin: November 1

ESCRA Basketball Season- December 2 - February  3

Basketball Team Photos: TBA

Basketball Ext. League: February-May