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Shop The GSL Church ShareShop


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A Grace-St. Luke's Church shirt, mug, or bumper sticker is an easy way to share your love of Grace-St. Luke’s with neighbors, co-workers, families of your children's friends, and even strangers.

And just maybe, if one of those hearts has opened slightly to a call to join a faith community, your expression will lead a soul to explore the many ways we receive God into our midst at GSL. 

The GSL ShareShop is a place where parishioners can get all kinds of shirts and gifts to share their love of GSL Church. The many items available include: 

  • Grace-St. Luke's Church T-shirts
  • Grace-St. Luke's Church Kid's Shirts
  • Grace-St. Luke's Coffee Mugs and Water Bottles
  • Many, many more items

See the full selection here.


Proceeds benefit GSL Church.



What's all the hype about the Episcopal Church?
This is why you should consider it.

A little background on "Episcopal Hype"

It all started when GSL parishioner Dan Pigg posted the following in the Episcopalians on Facebook group and tagged Lucy Owens, GSL Communications Admin. “Ok, Episcopalian friends: Let's call this evangelism in one word. By the way, Jesus is off limits! If someone asked you, "now what's all the hype about the Episcopal Church? Why should I consider it?" Give me the one word or two--if you must--that they need to know! Go!" Dan suggested Jesus was off limits because it is far too easy to simply say that, and since we are trinitarian, we need to be careful not to sound like "Jesus Only" folks. And after all, ALL Christian Churches claim "Jesus!"

So, Lucy took all the 1 and 2 word comments (450+) that were posted in that thread and made this image with it, using and an Episcopal shield. Jesus was eventually added in, a few other words removed. Tagul uses an algorithm that makes words larger the number of times they are used, which is one reason why all words are not the same size.

This went somewhat viral on Facebook because there are over 10,000 people in that Facebook group - so it was posted in 100s of other groups and Episcopal church and diocesan pages around the country and on top of that liked by 1000s.  It was also shared on Episcopal Cafe and various twitter feeds, pinterest, etc.

There have been requests for posters, bumper stickers, tshirts, etc.  You can order items from Cafe Press with this image. (No tshirts at this time.) All proceeds go to the mission of Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church.  

Thanks to Lucy Owens and Dan Pigg on this collaborative effort. 

Download a pdf version here.

See the full selection here.

Proceeds benefit GSL Church.