Join us for our weekly yoga class taught by Shantih Smythe! The benefits of yoga range from stress reduction, physical balance and strength to improved energy, flexibility and relaxation. Shantih's class is distinguished by the knowledge, experience and practice that only 19 years of teaching can provide. Class will focus on proper body alignment while practicing the traditional yoga postures. Options will be offered to make the poses more or less demanding depending one’s personal interest/ability level. 

  • Class meets weekly on Tuesday at 5:30 via zoom
  • The class is $10/week payable via Venmo (@Shantih-Smythe). Arrangements can be made for students without Venmo
  • Students will need a mat, firm blanket (or towel), belt (or tie from a robe) and a sturdy chair
  • Class is open to interested individuals outside of GSL 
  • Please contact Shantih via email (shantihsmythe [at] gmail [dot] com) before class or log-on by 5:15 if you have any injuries, physical limitations or concerns. This is to help protect your personal safety. 
  • Zoom link is: