Through changing times, new faces, and life’s complexities, what does grace look like? It looks like the children who sing on the chancel steps and run around Trezevant Hall during coffee hour. It looks like the friends and neighbors who gather here for worship, education, community, and celebration.

What does grace look like? It looks like caring hands comforting the sick and feeding the hungry. Grace looks like the people of this parish carrying out God’s work, day after day, week after week, and year after year. You are what grace looks like.

As a pledging community, our church’s mission is furthered only through the generous commitments of time, talent, and treasure of our members. By pledging your financial support for 2018, you help ensure that Grace-St. Luke’s continues to offer hope, hospitality, and healing to our community and world.

Stewardship participation is especially important during the time of searching for our new rector. Let’s show our prospective candidates what grace looks like: a loving, generous, and supportive parish.

Please prayerfully consider your pledge and make your commitment for 2018 by mailing a pledge card to the church office, by presenting it during the offertory on Sundays, or by using our website at

Jane Morse,
Stewardship Chair