Project Purpose is thankful for the CrossMen!

The practice of gratitude for those who serve around us at GSL has inspired several wonderful projects among our 4th and 5th grade Sunday School class, Project Purpose. Most recently, homemade sugar cookies were given to all the GSL CrossMen in appreciation for the hard work it takes to prepare those delicious Sunday breakfasts!

During one Sunday class time, the children rolled out the dough, cut 100 cookies, and baked them. The following week, all the cookies were iced and packaged for pick up.

From brainstorming ideas and making the shopping list, to cutting the cookies and writing out gift tags, these clever kids thought up all the details! Each CrossMan will receive one cross cookie and one man cookie, ready for Sunday morning in his red GSL apron! Cookies were packaged and marked with a spatula tag reading “From Project Purpose 2020.”

Many thanks to Julie O’Bryan and Teresa Betts for their support and supervision of this class, and this special gift of thanks for life at GSL!