The Work of the Pastoral Care Team

The Work of the Pastoral Care Team
Jocelyn Busby, Lay Pastoral Care Coordinator 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many changes and challenges for the citizens of Memphis. Even those of us who stayed well had many adjustments to make to our daily lives. In order to maintain connections within our parish, plans were made to tailor our Lay Pastoral Care approach in order to best support the work of our clergy, bearing in mind the important regulations imposed by social distancing and safer at home orders. 

Beginning Holy Week of 2020, the current GSL Lay Pastoral Care Team began writing cards, making calls, and when needed, delivering a catered, packaged meal. I am happy to report that these “holy touches” have continued each and every week for the duration of the pandemic. The extensive work of our weekly teams has been coordinated via email and by phone. As such, there has been a constant flow of care to those on our pastoral care list. 

Any parishioners interested in joining our team, please contact me through Realm Connect ( or via Ministry Associate Abby Huber in the parish office (901-252-6336, ahuber [at] gracestlukes [dot] org). As the coordinator for the team, I am inspired by and thankful for the volunteers who serve as GSL’s lay pastoral care ministers. Their efforts have been very much appreciated by all! 

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 00:00