Thank you, Coaches

Thank you, Coaches!

The 2021 Spring Soccer and T-Ball, Softball & Baseball Season was March–June.  Players and parents had a “ball” (no pun intended) while watching their children’s games while being outdoors in the gorgeous weather.  There’s always plenty of rain this time of year, but that didn’t stop the teams from playing, NO WAY!  Are you kidding, it’s all about GAME DAY!  So, rain outs were rescheduled, and all games were played. Below are some photos from the spring soccer and t-ball, softball & baseball season.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our Spring Soccer, Baseball, T-ball & Softball coaches.  

Soccer Coaches: Steven King, Jerry Gilles, Billy Willson, Matt Musick, Melanie Schrank, Daniel Fundo, Will Maddox, Lauren Scrugham, Avery and Phoebe, Nicole McCarty, Ryan Gibbs, Tom Federico, Andy High, Phineas Bresee, Zack Moore 

Baseball, T-ball & Softball Coaches: Jerry Gilles, Steven King, Brian Fisher, Tyler Cannon, Coleton Segars, Nate VanderLinde, Cole Dickerson, Zach Pretzer, Mary Catherine Moore, Zack Moore, Bryce Ashby, Donal Harris, Stanley Johnson, Allen Schwager

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An adorable snapshot of Coach Steven King and Jerry Gilless’ U5 soccer team after a FUN game at the GSL soccer field.  The weather turned out to be INCREDIBLE!  What a great day for soccer.

Athletics Steven King And Jerry Gilless

“Two Peas in a Pod” Baseball Buddies.  Coach Zach Pretzer and Tyler Cannon’s 1st -2nd boys baseball team players talking, hanging out,  and watching the game.

2 Peas In A Pod

Coach Melanie Schrank’s U8 Girls’ Team in full force heading towards the GSL soccer goal for the point!

Melanie Schrank

Coach Bryce Ashby and Donal Harris’ 3rd-4th boys baseball team.  GREAT photo of one of his pitchers pitching against the Christ United Methodist team.

Bryce Ashby And Donal Harris
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