Summertime and Reimagining Church at GSL

June, July, and August in life at GSL will include an array of weekly indoor and outdoor worship, occasional formation, fellowship and connection-making events, and occasions for community engagement. All that is offered and undertaken, within and without the walls of our sacred buildings and grounds, reflects a faithfulness to our parish ministry, grounded in the Church’s mission to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. 

Summertime marks a perfect time to live intentionally and even more in community, with eyes wide open and energy focused on Grace-St. Luke’s vision to be a thriving community of hope, belonging, and healing through worship, parish life, and service, and who rejoices in the love of Jesus to transform the world. Adopted in 2019, our bold vision invites all households and any others who might join us on the journey of both “being church” and “reimagining church.” 

Like countless faith communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ordained and lay leadership will spend summertime reflecting on current and potential approaches to worship, music, formation (adult, youth, children), pastoral care, fellowship, community engagement (outreach, social justice), recreation and wellness, and all parish life programming. Time also will include the necessary work of a closer look at membership participation, communications, stewardship and giving, financials, operations, and personnel requirements. 

All of this “summer work” points to my particular ecclesiastical charge and commitment to do what I am able, in partnership with the Wardens, Vestry, Clergy-Staff Team members, and many others, to lead GSL into the future as faithful stewards of our abundance from God.  

I’m looking forward to sharing a rich, full, and transformational summer with you in life at GSL. In the name of Jesus and the faith that binds us, God’s peace, blessings, and joy as we try.


The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector
901-252-6320 | orencher [at] gracestlukes [dot] org

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