New Vestry Nominations Process Message from the Senior Warden


New Vestry Nominations Process Message from the Senior Warden

Dear Fellow Parishioners: 

During the past year with many regathering in person after two-plus years of living with COVID, your vestry has been focusing on “Reimagining Church.” You will hear more about that as we dig deeper into that process. One significant thing we have discussed is our method of nominating and electing members of the vestry. We have decided to try a new approach this year – one that has worked well at Calvary and Church of the Holy Communion and at many parishes throughout The Episcopal Church. Traditionally, GSL has had a nominating committee, comprised of the five outgoing vestry members, who put together a slate of 8 to 10 persons from which five are elected. At our August meeting, we unanimously approved changing this to charging the nominations committee to put together a slate of five candidates who would fill out the 15-person vestry in a way that would serve the parish more faithfully and effectively represent the many varied segments of our congregation.

An effective vestry depends on a diversity of gifts and perspectives. It needs longstanding members and active people who have joined GSL more recently, gender diversity, folks of various ages and interests, with different areas of expertise and experience. It needs parents of young children, single people, retired people, and representatives active in various ministries such as outreach, Christian formation, music, church finances, and more. One reason for this change is that, for many, to stand for election and not be chosen is difficult, especially when a candidate is faithfully active but known by fewer people in our large and growing parish. We believe that this new method may encourage more parishioners to be willing to serve on the vestry if asked.

We will be transparent with the process. The slate will be published three weeks prior to our December 4 Annual Parish meeting. If any parishioners don’t believe the slate presented will best serve the parish for any reason, additional nominations will be accepted until November 30.  Any member in good standing, aged 18 or older, and a giver of record may be proposed. Nominations must be presented by two active members and the nominee must give permission to be proposed. In accordance with the parish bylaws, this year’s nominating committee – Ben Cowan, Mike Davis, Sandra Ireland, Jonathan Large, and Anna Robbins - will review all names submitted to ensure they meet required criteria. 
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone on the nominating committee.

Andy Nix, Senior Warden

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 09:01