Healing Through Community

The Life at GSL Program Guide is full of weekly worship, formation, service, and fellowship offerings to assist journeys of healing. Our faith pilgrimages call for community time because they are not intended to be walked alone. During this season of increased violence and death in the Memphis region, it is critical that we care both for ourselves and others and spend sacred time together. Sunday, September 11, was an extraordinary reminder of the power of gathering intergenerationally as members, newcomers, and visitors engaged the day’s events.

As we find ways to gather, may we find comfort in words from the last stanza of yesterday’s sequence hymn There’s a wideness in God’s mercy: For the love of God is broader than the measure of the mind; and the heart of the Eternal is most wonderfully kind. If our love were but more faithful, we should take him at his word; and our life would be thanksgiving for the goodness of the Lord. Listen to and meditate on Hymn 469
Godspeed, Ollie+ | The Rev. Ollie V. Rencher, Rector

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 08:37