GSL Youth Ministry Staff Position Expanded To Include Young Adults

We are pleased to announce that Director of Youth Formation Amzie Williams has expanded duties to serve in a new position at GSL: Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. During the summer months, Amzie began focusing on the integral purpose to design and maintain offerings and strategies which create and build connections among middle and high school youth, parents of households with youth, and young adult singles and couples. This ministry role is rooted in a programmatic focus on weekly worship attendance, spiritual formation and growth, and the essential importance of Christian community. Amzie’s duties include collaborating with clergy, staff, and volunteers including age-group advisory/support committees, Sunday formation class teachers, Grace-St. Luke’s Middle School and other area schools, and youth mentors on serving on events offered within and beyond the parish. The role will work closely with Director of Children and Family Ministries Anthony Calzia as part of our focus on a continuum-approach to forming Christian children, youth, and adults. Congratulations and thanks to Amzie for his gifts!

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 11:39