Food Pantry Update Winter 2022-2023


Food Pantry Update Winter 2022-2023

Good News from Eight Cooking Teams with 55 Volunteers!

Since October, eight GSL cooking teams consisting of 55 volunteers have been busy cooking lentil spaghetti, chicken fajitas, roasted chicken with sweet potatoes and citrus greens, black bean burritos, jambalaya, and grits with roasted vegetables. Each team takes a turn once every eight weeks to prepare meals for Church Health (CH) patrons. Cooking teams select from a collection of CH recipes a meal to prepare and schedule their own time to cook. 

Team captains set up ingredients in GSL’s kitchen and work alongside team members to prepare meals. Frozen meals are then distributed every Tuesday to CH neighbors and patrons. By the end of November, GSL cooking teams have prepared approximately 500 individual, healthy meals that taste good too! 

In addition to making prepared meals, GSL food pantry volunteers continue to provide CH patrons with 20 bags each week. Each bag contains a recipe as well as the dry ingredients and fresh produce necessary to make the meal at home. 

Our goal is to increase the number of patrons served. If you are interested in fun and fellowship while serving others, this ministry offers that!! If you would like to join a cooking team, pack bags of dry ingredients and fresh produce, and/or distribute bags and meals to Church Health, please reach out to Congregational Life Associate/Assistant to the Rector Abby Huber ( or Jerry Hudson through Realm ( We look forward to hearing from you!!

–Amy Hudson

Pictured below: Hudson Cooking Team

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 11:49