Food Pantry News, Summer 2022


Food Pantry News, Summer 2022

Food Pantry News submitted by Carol Ann Mallory

The Food Pantry continues to evolve in its commitment to, and relationship with, Church Health (CH). The mutual goal is to encourage CH patrons to eat a healthy diet by providing the ingredients to make healthy meals. GSL provides those ingredients, and our Easter Food Drive was so successful we were able to provide 50 bags of ingredients for this month’s recipe.

To all who contributed either food or money, we are so grateful. Our food drives are off to a great start, thanks to GSL donors. Thanks also to the volunteers who pack bags every weekend for Church Health representatives to pick up and distribute to their patrons.

In an effort to increase the number of patrons served, CH has added a flier to each GSL bag inviting patrons to come to GSL each Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. to pick up additional recipes and ingredients. Several CH patrons have contacted GSL and are picking up additional Mediterranean recipes and ingredients. Our goal is to increase this number of patrons coming to GSL in the weeks ahead.

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 13:48