Dorothy Day House Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity

Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity for parishioners of all ages! Families with children welcomed and encouraged.

Every Sunday at both of the Dorothy Day House locations there is a safe fellowship opportunity for volunteers and families to gather around the table and share a dinner and prayer together. Volunteers are asked to bring a basic dinner.

What is the Dorothy Day House?
The Dorothy Day House keeps homeless families together, creating a safe haven and a community for entire families.
In typical shelters, homeless families are often separated.  Men are sent to one shelter while women, girls and little boys are sent to another shelter. Parents often must place their teenage  boys in foster care, or find someone willing to provide a home and care for them.  This means that parents cannot stay with their older sons; fathers must leave their daughters and small sons; husbands are separated from wives. Often, rather than experience the trauma of separation, families choose to live in a vehicle or stay in uninhabitable places.

The whole family is welcomed at the Dorothy Day House, allowing for strengthening of family bonds. Because several families are housed at a time, the residents are able to offer mutual support and encouragement as they face and overcome the shared obstacles of poverty and homelessness. Families work together to clean and maintain the house and to cook meals. This home-like atmosphere provides a sense of security, especially for the children, fosters self-esteem and uplifts the human spirit. It creates one of the most vital ingredients for escaping poverty—hope.

How can you volunteer?
Volunteer with a GSL Team to bring a meal for the three families living in one of the DDH Transitional Houses!
DDH provides plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and water. GSL will provide enough food for the families and our team so that all can sit down at the table and fellowship together. Drinks and Dessert are optional but appreciated.

There will be a staff member or a DDH Ambassador there to host the prayer and meal. They will let us in and answer any questions we may have. GSL Outreach takes a team every quarter and has been providing this service since last year.

The next opportunity is September 22. Please contact Patti Newsom at pattinewsom at or 901-581-4393 to sign up! Don’t hesitate to email, call, or text with questions.

5:30 Arrive with meal
    (volunteers will take food potluck style)
5:45 Prayer begins
6:00 Dinner starts (family style)
7:00 Volunteers head out so kids can get to bed

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