Director of Music and Organist Search Process Update

As follow-up to the May 9 announcement and June 2 retirement of Wesley Emerson from the post of GSL Organist–Choirmaster, I am grateful for the dedicated service of Interim Organist-Choirmaster, Debbie Smith. Debbie has agreed to serve while I work with a search advisory team to assist me with recruiting a Director of Music and Organist who ideally would be hired, from the more than 30 applications received, for appointment by September. Upon such hiring, Debbie will be appointed Assistant Organist and Choirmaster to support the Director of Music and Organist.

Meanwhile, please join me in appreciation of the cross-representation of persons from the Parish and the School now serving as my Search Advisory Team: Grant Adams, John Baur, Alice Crow, Natalie Davis, Patricia Gray, Jim Greer, Sidney Hickey, Linda Khumalo, Brenda Maguire, Lucius McGehee, Arthur Nave, Leslie Reddick, and Dan Swanson. They along with Wardens, Clergy, and Staff will have particular opportunities to learn about and/or interact with candidates throughout the process. A majority of their work will occur whenever finalists visit for interviews, consisting of small group meetings, a brief organ recital followed by hymn and service music playing, conducting a choir rehearsal, fellowship with choristers, and important time to explore Memphis.

If you have questions or comments along the way, please contact me directly. During this prayerful process, I ask you prayers for the Search Advisory Team and me, and for those who have expressed an interest in serving as the next lead parish musician at GSL. Stay tuned for another update.

In thanksgiving for the faith that binds us,
The Reverend Ollie V. Rencher, Rector
901.252.6320 | orencher [at] gracestlukes [dot] org

Posted by Lucy Anne Owens at 00:00