Celebrating the Rev. Anne Carriere's 40th Anniversary to the Priesthood

Celebrating the Rev. Anne Carriere's 40th Anniversary to the Priesthood. June 27 marks an important milestone in the history of our parish and diocese. Forty years ago on that date, the Rev. Anne Stone Carriere was ordained as priest in the newly forming Diocese of West Tennessee. Anne’s trailblazing path toward ordained ministry began at a time when there were no women priests in Tennessee and very few in the Episcopal Church. After five years of study, lay service (including election as one of the first female members of the vestry), and diaconal ministry, Anne was ordained to the priesthood at Grace-St. Luke’s on June 27, 1982. Anne served at Grace-St. Luke’s for nine more years before being called as the first female priest to serve as a rector in the Diocese of West Tennessee (Holy Apostles, Memphis). We at Grace-St. Luke’s have been so blessed these last few years to have Anne back where it all began! Please join us in celebrating forty years of Anne’s ministry and in giving thanks for her continued presence at Grace-St. Luke’s. Thanks be to God for Anne!

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