MidSouth Sober Living (MSL) received its first GSL Outreach grant in October 2018 and we are pleased to welcome them to our network of servant ministries. The organization was founded in 2008 when MSL opened its doors to those in early recovery with no safe place to go. MSL is the only sober living facility in Memphis that accepts residents without a job or other means to pay a weekly rental fee of $100. During their first 3 years MSL had one center that housed 12 men. In 2018 MSL provided safe affordable, and most importantly, alcohol-and drug-free housing to 153 men and 36 women who might otherwise end up on the streets. MSL facilities follow the 12 Step Program philosophy. This program provides the spiritual basis for MSL’s mission.

One of MSL’s major initiatives is its Judicare facility, which increased the organization’s capacity to house up to 83 residents. Judicare is unique because it partners with Shelby County’s Drug Court, Veterans Court and Mental Health Court to help streamline the recovery process for Court participants. Judicare is an innovative model that could one day serve as the national standard for recovery in the criminal justice system, and it is the only one of its kind in the country. MSL and First Step Recovery Centers are currently looking for a facility to open a Judicare for women.

MSL needs volunteers to donate food, clothing, help people find jobs and assist with resume writing. All of MSL’s facilities are in the Midtown area. For more information on how to support MSL contact Walter Williams at wwilliams at The GSL Outreach Liaison to MSL is Barbara King at mimikingx6 at