Moving on up...

After more than 33 years in the front office at Grace-St. Luke's — beginning in 1986 as Receptionist /Secretary, and which evolved over the years to Parish Secretary, Parish Administrative Assistant, Communications Coordinator, and in 2014 as Communications Administrator — I'm moving upstairs.  In 1986 I barely knew what a computer was, had never heard of the internet (GSL's first website wasn't until 1997... check out the Wayback Machine for!), and there were no cell phones, either!

If you go up the stairs, you can find me in the first office you see when you open the upstairs door.  If you're coming from the elevator, it's the next to the last office on the right.  One of the things I'll miss most after my move is all the wonderful conversations I've been blessed to have with parishioners over the years.  Don't hesitate to drop by any time. My email is lowens [at] gracestlukes [dot] org and my direct extension number is 901-252-6333.  – Lucy Owens, Communications Administrator