More Than A Meal


Our Ministry of Hospitality and Dignity By Edith Heller, Outreach Committee
Jesus told us to serve Him by preaching the Gospel to others in our acts – by doing the work of feeding the poor, clothing, comforting, and encouraging all people.  Imagine sitting down for dinner with Jesus! We do it every time we go to the Communion rail for bread and wine; we do it when we sit down with 100 MTAM guests each Sunday.  
We see Jesus in the smiles, the stories, the laughter, the gratitude, and empty plates.  Since 2001, MTAM has annually served nearly 5,000 people with 10,000 plates of food.  It is a large, organized, lovely dinner party for Jesus with flowers and music, and a joyful way to serve the Lord in the Gospel imperative to feed the hungry.  
What is a dinner without a fine chef?  We have seven. Our gratitude to Barb Boucher from Holy Communion, Susie Carlson from St. Luke’s Lutheran, Cyndi Detty of Annunciation Church, Porsha Goodman of Door of Hope, and Mike Davis, Arthur Nave, and Jerry Sanders from GSL. This year our Vestry, led by Kirk Patton, will serve barbecue a couple of Sundays.  Our chefs can create a hearty chicken casserole, spice up black-eyed peas with turkey bacon, disguise chopped kale in broccoli salad, grill beef patties, bake cookies, stir outstanding stews, and make fresh banana pudding.
During summer, we always need extra volunteers while our regulars and students are on vacations. Pick a couple of dates for your family to join us from 3:15 to 5 for the dinner party.
To volunteer, contact a team captain:

  • 1st Sunday    Jonathan Large, Jonathan.Large at
  • 2nd Sunday    Mike Davis, mwdavis at
  • 3rd Sunday    Ruthie Lentz, rlentz at
  • 4th Sunday    Edith Heller, hrheller3 at
  • 5th Sunday    Murray McKay, murraymckay at  

Last month, I asked a guest why he came to MTAM.  Alonzo said, “I’m single and like eating with friends, like Jesus and the Last Supper.  He had friends with his dinner.”  Come join the dinner party. You might just meet Jesus.