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What is Realm Connect?
Realm Connect is a ministry platform—a browser-based application for the whole church. That means it isn’t just a database. It is an interactive tool designed to integrate members, ministries, and groups. The member directory will be in Realm. You can update your own profile, keep in touch with others, stay involved in groups, manage pledges and giving, and more.

How will this help the congregation?
To start with… The member directory will be available anytime. Group and committee leaders can communicate with team members directly through Realm (either on the internet or in the app).
Upload a picture! It’s easier to remember someone with a picture. Updating your profile means the church has your most current information. No more calling or emailing to get your address changed. And you get to decide what other members can see in the directory.

What else is coming?
More features will be available soon. Groups and events will become accessible in the coming months. Group boards will make it possible to communicate just within a small group or committee. Event registrations will move to Realm. And much more!

What about my privacy?
Realm is safe, private, and secure. Realm is only made up of people in our church, not a social network open to everyone. Realm keeps your data safe and gives you control over what information you share and who can see it.
How can I sign up?
An invitation will be sent to all members on February 14. Be sure to use the invitation link! If you don’t, you will need to contact the church later for a new invitation.
Use a browser (not the app) to set up a new account.
You may receive an email stating that your “security settings have been changed.” If you are already using Realm, nothing will be changed and you can simply ignore that message.

Is there an app?
Yes! In the app store, search for “Connect-Our Church Community” by ACS. The Realm Connect app is available for both iOS and Android. You can access Realm both on the internet and with the app.

Where is my giving information?
When Realm is first launched, you will see your contributions in the Giving tab.

Can I make my pledge in Realm?
Beginning in 2021 you can submit your pledge with the app. More details about contributions through Realm will be available at a later date.

Contact a staff member if you need additional assistance.
Abby Huber (252-6336, ahuber [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) General Assistance
Chapman Morrow (252-6328, cmorrow [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) Membership
Lucy Owens (252-6333, lowens [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) General Assistance
Linda Stine (252-6324, lstine [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) Contributions

Realm FAQ (questions so far)

DIRECTORY: Access our secure member directory anytime. (Realm replaces the previous Shelby WebView directory).
GROUP COMMUNICATIONS: Groups, committees, and others will stay in touch through Realm.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Your complete contributions and pledge
information will be available in Realm.

YES. Each member should have their own account so you
are connected with your own groups and events and are able to update your individual profile.

IT DEPENDS… If you pledge together, both you and your spouse will see the same information. If you pledge separately, contributions information is only visible to the individual.

NO. The Realm app is very convenient, but you can always use Realm on the web.