Fund-raising will begin in early October for the 2019 annual fund, which supports the parish operating budget. Development Officer Chapman Morrow—on behalf of the Rector, Wardens, and the Vestry—will collaborate with a host of lay ministers on this significant ministry undertaking: Annual Fund Team Co-Leaders: Suzanne Busby, Hal Medling, Michael Rowland, and Robin Wigginson; and Team Members: Alex Boggs, Sara Burnett, Natalie Davis, Juan Fuentes, Patricia Gray, Edith Heller, Sandra Ireland, George Johnson, Keith Kays, Allison King, Bob King, Kevin Kuhns, Ruthie Lentz, Jim Mercer, and Taylor Taylor. Stay tuned for more about the GSL 2019 Annual Fund. November 4, All Saints’ Sunday, will be Annual Fund Pledge Consecration Sunday.