Food Pantry Facts

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We are blessed with many generous people who help “the little food pantry with a BIG heart.”  For years Mr. Bob Ruffin has collected food in his apartment building to bring to the food pantry.  He always says, "It is a pleasure and no thank you notes are necessary."  Well, THANK YOU, Mr. Ruffin, we appreciate it!  As mentioned in the March Messenger, we are beginning our new Food Pantry Sunday quarterly schedule.  Our next Food Pantry Sundays will be June 30, September 29, and December 29.  If we need food in between these times, we will send a request via the Sunday bulletin, newsfeed in the hallway, and the Messenger if time allows.  These changes are possible because we have more food pantry storage space, we are able to make larger orders of food from the Food Bank, and we can keep a larger inventory than we have in the past.  If you would like to make a financial contribution, or a contribution in honor or in memory of someone, please feel free to do so by placing your check in the Sunday plate or by bringing the check to the church office during regular business hours.  We always have to purchase dried milk, bread, margarine, jelly, toilet paper, baby diapers, hygiene products, and shopping bags to pre-bag food.  Our thanks and gratitude, as always, for all your help!

February, Number of Families served: 42 households, which included 88 adults, 110 children, and 17 seniors..

Volunteer Hours for February: 19.5 hours, which included 8 hours distributing food, 3.5 hours Food Bank pick-up and shelving, 2.5 hours shopping and shelving, 5.5 hours cleaning and re-stocking, not including the hours spent by volunteer packers.

Mark your calendars! The last Sunday of the month, June 30, is Food Pantry Sunday!

Volunteers are always needed! To volunteer, call Juan Fuentes, 901-849-7033, or email juanjf7777 at

“We only have what we give.” ― Isabel Allende