A Message from the Senior Warden 
Monday, November 23rd, 2020

 Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Yesterday we began celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of Grace St Luke’s Church when Grace and St Luke’s churches merged and held the first service on Thanksgiving Day in 1940. If you haven’t already seen this past Sunday’s 10.30 service, you can watch it on-line at We also plan to hold a Thanksgiving Day service at 10.00 am, available in person and online.

This next Sunday November 29th marks the beginning of the season of Advent at Grace St Lukes followed by Christmas. During Advent we will have our 10.30 services with communion in-person and on-line, and at 5.30 pm, a more contemplative prerecorded service or music concert. The Rector’s Forum is as usual on-line at 9.15. We plan to celebrate Christmas with services on Christmas Eve, at 2 pm and 9pm, planned for in-person (sign up required) or on-line, and on Christmas Day at 10.00 am. Weather-permiting, we also might hold an outdoor service at 4 pm on Christmas Eve. Expect an update on in-person attendance expectations and details about all Christmas offerings once the on-line survey results have been compiled.

 Father Ollie has been working with the Diocese and members of the clergy and staff to plan the upcoming annual meeting of the parish, to be held on Sunday December 6th. This will be held on Zoom, with sign-in and special music beginning at 9 am, and the meeting to begin at 9.15. We have a great slate of candidates who have graciously agreed to be nominated for the Vestry, and the election will be handled by an on-line voting software service called ElectionBuddy. For those members not ‘on-line’ we will be distributing ballots to households to be mailed or dropped off at the Church. More meeting details will be coming soon!

At our last Vestry meeting Father Ollie updated us on some attendance statistics. Since mid-October in-person attendance at the 10.30 service has averaged 45 (with a high of 62, and a low of 30); in-person weekly viewing of the service has averaged just under 600. Attendance has averaged 30 at the 4 pm more intimate outside communion service. On average 413 people view our on-line 9.15 Sunday Forum, and 860 view our 5.30 Sunday evensong or music concerts. Almost 800 ‘attended’ our service of healing prayers on the day after the election. We recognize the popularity of the on-line services, and are in the process of setting up the new livestream equipment to improve the presentation of our on-line offerings. These and other on-line services are here to stay even after the Covid vaccine has been distributed!

Your Rector, Wardens, Treasurer, and Finance Committee have been busy with the Budget plans for 2021, which is never easy, but particularly difficult in this environment. We are very grateful to those who have already pledged for next year, as this makes the budget task much easier. If you have not already pledged, we would be most appreciative if you can do so soon on-line at (thank you!!).

Many thanks for your continued support of life at GSL; thanks to your support to quote your Junior Warden, Charlie Pazar ‘we are alive and kicking’ with a terrific line up of activities and services.


Simon Wadsworth
Senior Warden, on behalf of the Vestry

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