A Message from the Senior Warden
Wednesday – May 20, 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

It is exciting to plan our ‘re-entry’ to worship in the Church, beginning as early as Sunday June 7th, and this has been consuming much of the focus of your Clergy and Wardens. Most of you by now are experiencing the complexity of living in this new environment of sanitizing, physical distancing, face masks etc. as we try to resume some aspects of our normal lives! We have a set of guidelines which we must adhere to when we re-open the Church, and our team of Clergy, Staff, Vestry, medical advisors, and parishioner volunteers are committed to make the process as smooth as we can. We know that we will all have to deal with many frustrations and appreciate your patience and understanding during these early days of working out our new procedures. I am keenly aware that while this time has been challenging for us all, it cannot compare to what has been and is being experienced by those infected by the pandemic and those caring for them.

Many thanks to so many of you who already have volunteered to serve on our re-entry team; we will be asking for more assistance as we progress. We all pray that new drugs and vaccines are developed so that our in-person Church life and offerings can be fully restored, while recognizing that some might need to care for themselves by staying home for the foreseeable future. In response to this reality, we will maintain virtual worship, formation, and other offerings for a long time.

All of this underscores that the great strength of GSL is the people. I’m constantly amazed at the countless parishioners who volunteer and do so much even during the time we’ve spent ‘locked out’ of our wonderful Church. Volunteers have assisted the clergy-staff team in several ways, including keeping us connected by making pastoral calls, writing notes, sending emails, and delivering meals to homes. Our people make it possible to serve More Than A Meal and support the Mid-South Food Bank, while the Food Pantry is closed, and other programs aimed at those in need. The importance of staying connected will continue, especially for our older parishioners and those with health conditions who need to continue to be careful about going out.

We are excited that the Rev. Laura F. Gettys will be joining us as Associate Rector in July; Laura brings many years of experience, including almost ten years with all aspects of parish life at the Cathedral. She is an accomplished preacher and has a terrific reputation for her work both there and before. She is also returning home in several ways, belonging to GSL with her family while she grew up in Memphis, and also working with Father Ollie at St Peter’s in Oxford.

I hope that many will be able to see each other in Church in June or as soon as possible. Thank you for continued support of life at GSL. If we can assist in any way, please contact me.


Simon Wadsworth
Senior Warden, on behalf of the Vestry
901.674.6831 | srcw at