A Message from the Senior Warden
Friday - July 24 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

The last couple of months have made it clear that our period of ‘virtual living’ may be longer than we originally anticipated. Your Vestry and the Clergy-Staff Team also are adapting to this new world. While we hope that a vaccine will soon be available (especially for those who are on the ‘front line’), we cannot be assured of this. Adapting and being faithful to the mission and ministry of GSL were a part of the Vestry meeting discussion on Tuesday. I will report more fully next month on opportunities to engage life at GSL even more. In the meantime, details will be provided in the e-news and The Messenger magazine, through social media, and on the website.

The Reverend Laura Gettys, our Associate Rector, joined us for her first Vestry meeting; she told us that she has jumped into her role! She is especially active in congregational development, outreach, and social justice, but will be active in all aspects of parish life including pastoral care and formation. Laura brings from her most recent position at St. Mary’s Cathedral a lot of experience in community engagement and urban ministries. She is glad that GSL has joined the Cathedral and Calvary in partnering with the Memphis Interfaith Center for Hope and Healing (MICAH); this will become an important part of our ministry.

With six in-person Sunday morning services under our belt since re-opening our buildings after COVID-19 related closure, we are able to offer worship in a safe environment that meets the needs of most people wanting an in-person experience. In time we might be able to offer an additional service in the evening that is more contemplative, similar to our regular Sunday 5:30 experience. As I mentioned last month, our new world makes virtual programming increasingly important, which means enhancements and improvements to production quality are on the horizon.

With more limited opportunities for in-person contact, connections are all the more important, and helping many to stay involved in parish life is a challenge. The congregational development and adult formation ministry leaders are working creatively on parishioner engagement plans, including programming for small groups to connect virtually as well as occasionally in-person under safe guidelines. A great deal of planning is underway by the Clergy-Staff Team to finalize a rich and full schedule of formation offerings for children, youth and adults, to be available both online and in-person when possible. Staying safe remains a priority for our approach to all offerings of GSL.

Thanks for your continued support of life at GSL.


Simon Wadsworth
Senior Warden, on behalf of the Vestry
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