Wednesday, June 10, 2020
A Message from Parish Treasurer Bev Trojan

Dear Grace-St. Luke’s:

You have taught me a powerful lesson. When the COVID-19 shutdown of in-person gatherings happened, as your Treasurer, I had some very serious concerns. How much would the pandemic affect charitable giving at GSL? Would we be able to have the resources to continue our mission and ministry including the care for our operations and facilities? Many were out of work, businesses closed for an indefinite period. You know all the fears and unknowns. We have heard them a thousand times.

The care and the depth of real love for GSL has been astounding to me. Contributions to GSL have been nearly identical to what they were last year. This is while we have been operating remotely through the entire spring and not able to worship together at all. Virtual services are good, and they have been all we have been able to do. But I know we all desperately miss being with each other and sharing our commitment to our Christian faith. I have certainly missed not being with everyone.

On behalf of the Vestry, Clergy and Staff, and from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to everyone who has continued to contribute financially to our parish. GSL is the best because of the people and each commitment to support our faith community.

Bev Trojan
Parish Treasurer