Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church                                                   
2021 Annual Vestry Retreat and Orientation Highlights
Saturday, January 9, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. via ZOOM 

The Vestry and members of the Clergy-Staff Team engaged an opening 45-minute meditation about the current church landscape facilitated by the Rev. Renee Miller of Monterey, California. In addition to leadership work with the Episcopal Church Pension Group's Education and Wellness program and CREDO conferences, Renee is the priest for St. Andrew's Church in Marianna, Arkansas and virtual CloudPriest. An Episcopal priest, poet, and author of several books including Strength for the Journey, Renee has extensive experience in partnering with and inspiring large and small churches in their particular ministry and vision. Pandemic shifts and challenges, unchartered territory, Church’s survival and thrive in difficult situations throughout the centuries, and God’s eternal presence and continual renewal were included in the presentation and discussion. 

After Clergy-Staff Team members shared snapshots of roles and responsibilities in preparation to begin working closely with Vestry Commissioners assigned to six ministry areas, 2021 Vestry Officers were elected: Senior Warden, Charlie Pazar; Junior Warden, Anna Robbins; Clerk, Paula Sappington; Treasurer (Non-Vestry), Phil Ashford. Morning and afternoon orientation included an overview of Episcopal Church governance and polity, parish bylaws, recent annual parochial reports to the diocese, and Vestry member expectations. 

Following a discussion about the Church’s mission and GSL’s vision and ministry, a new revised commission ministry model (vestry organizational structure) was reviewed and adopted to bring enhanced organization and collaboration between the Vestry, Clergy-Staff Team, and ministry area committee/teams in the overall common workings of life at GSL. Please note and watch for information about and ministry opportunities with the Vestry Commission Areas and their leadership partners: Staff-Clergy Resources and Ministry Area Committees/Teams. 

  • ADMINISTRATION includes Staff & Clergy Administration, Finance, Property, Pastoral Care, and Worship & Music: Senior Warden, Charlie Pazar; Junior Warden, Anna Robbins
  • CONGREGATIONAL DEVELOPMENT includes Fellowship and Recreation & Wellness: Grant Adams, Paula Sappington (Clerk), Taylor Taylor
  • FORMATION: Adults (Sandra Ireland); Youth (Patrick Burnett); Children (Ben Cowan)
  • OUTREACH: Mike Davis; Jonathan Large
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: Wight Boggs, Johnny Norris
  • STEWARDSHIP: George Johnson, Andy Nix, Tom Stephenson 

The Bishop and Parish Clergy-Staff Team

  • The Rt. Rev. Phoebe A. Roaf, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee
  • The Rev. Ollie V. Rencher, Rector
  • The Rev. Laura F. Gettys, Associate Rector
  • The Rev. Anne S. Carrière, Priest Associate
  • Christi Authement, Recreation & Wellness Director
  • Sharon Campbell, Director of Children’s Formation
  • Abby Huber, Receptionist and Ministry Associate/Assistant to the Rector
  • Ashley Kendrick, Facilities Assistant
  • Chapman Morrow, Stewardship Associate
  • Lucy Owens, Communications Administrator
  • Dr. Patrick A. Scott, Director of Music & Organist
  • Debbie Smith, Assistant Organist-Choirmaster
  • Linda Stine, Parish Administrator
  • Darling “D” Thomas, Lead Facilities Assistant
  • Amzie Williams, Director of Youth Formation

The Church’s Mission | GSL Vision | GSL Ministry

The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. Grace-St. Luke’s vision is to be a thriving community of hope, belonging, and healing through worship, parish life, and service, and who rejoices in the love of Jesus to transform the world. Grace-St. Luke’s ministry is grounded by the Church’s mission and to focus on our vision wholeheartedly, proactively, and creatively. 

Thanks be to God for the ministry to which all Grace-St. Luke’s parishioners we have been called by God through baptism for sharing to building up the kingdom of God here and now. 


The Rev. Ollie V. Rencher, Rector
January 11, 2021