Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School

Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School


Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School is a coed, independent school located in Midtown’s Central Gardens neighborhood. From two years old through eighth grade, GSL helps students develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to ensure they are ready to achieve their full potential in high school, college, and beyond. Since 1947, GSL has been preparing boys and girls to become creative problem solvers, confident lifelong learners, and responsible citizens in their communities and the world. GSL successfully delivers on this promise while maintaining three beliefs:

1.  A coed school is the best option for students from preschool through middle school because:

  •  -Coed schools prepare students for a coed world
  • -Students learn from more perspectives when both genders are involved
  • -Coed schools promote collaboration
  • -Coed schools promote respect and equality
  • -Coed schools reduce gender stereotypes

 2.  GSL’s preschool-eighth grade model is the best overall environment for children in those grades because:

  •  -Students are well known in a safe, trusting community
  • -Students have stability during a time of change
  • -Students perform better academically and have more academic self-confidence
  • -Students can be kids and are free of pressure from high-school agree students
  • -Students get numerous leadership experiences
  • -Students and parents are prepared to choose a high school that is the best fit
  • -A change in ninth grade is good for students

3.  As an Episcopal school, GSL is proud of its welcoming and inclusive community where families of all faiths and beliefs are welcomed. In today’s diverse, global world, GSL believes it is its obligation to help students understand different cultures and differing points of view in a safe place. The school challenges students to develop critical thinking skills, to value the beauty of curiosity, and to approach problems with creative mindsets.  

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