YOGA WITH SHANTIH to begin December 1

Roll out your mats and STRETCH your way into better health. Experience yoga and its many health benefits. Among them are stress reduction, physical balance and strength, improved energy, flexibility and relaxation.

Shantih’s class is distinguished by the knowledge, experience and practice that only 19 years of teaching can provide. Her calm, down-to-earth demeanor endears her to students. Her teaching is grounded in her ongoing study of anatomy and inspired by her love of movement. The ability to clearly relay fundamentals of the asana practice and to maintain a compassionate and supportive environment result in students that are among the most loyal.

Class will focus on proper body alignment while practicing the traditional yoga postures. Options will be offered to make the poses more or less demanding depending one’s personal interest/ability level.

Classes are Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom, starting December 1. For more information, please contact Shantih Smythe at shantihsmythe901 [at] gmail [dot] com?subject=Yoga">shantihsmythe901 [at] gmail [dot] com.
• Students will need a mat, a firm blanket (or a towel), a belt or tie for a robe, and a chair.
• Class location will be re-assessed in January 2021