Social Media Sunday #SMS17 and #GSL17


Let’s Spread the Gospel through Social Media
September 30 ~ ALL DAY LONG!
Hashtags: #SMS18 and #GSL18

Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, & others!

  • Post about GSL
  • Tweet the sermon
  • Share Selfies
  • Check in
  • Pin and share pictures
  • Upload short videos of GSL

Whatever your favorite media platform, use it to spread the Gospel ONLINE on September 25!


The what and why of Social Media Sunday 
Social Media Sunday was started by Carolyn Clement (On Twitter: @singingcarolyn) at Trinity Episcopal Church in Tariffville, CT in June 2013. This initiative was developed to:

  • encourage social media use by and within churches not yet using social networking platforms;
  • boost social media participation within churches already using social networking platforms; and
  • demonstrate the power of social media to be and do church within -- and beyond -- building as well as in between times of gathering for formal worship

#SocialMediaSunday became a national event on June 29, 2014, primarily but not exclusively within Episcopal Churches.

This year #SMS17 is an ecumenical effort.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate.