Wellness & Recovery Sunday, August 25


Wellness and Recovery Sunday
“The Infinite Value of a Painful Past”
with The Rev. Stuart Hoke, August 25

The human body is a the temple of God to be cared for in mind, body, and spirit. Because all beloved children are called to strive daily toward wholeness and ultimately, wellness, self-care includes paying attention to any addictions that may be occurring in our lives or the lives of others. The Addiction and Recovery Commission of the Diocese of West Tennessee is a resource for the education, care and support of people affected by the spiritual despair and disease of addiction. It offers support and comfort to families and loved ones whose lives are impacted by another’s addiction. It also joins The General Convention of the Episcopal Church in setting aside days like Recovery Sunday to celebrate of the deliverance by God’s grace of persons who have been imprisoned by a punishing and bewildering illness. The cost of this disease to our society and our Church, is monumental. It breaks the hearts of those who love the one who is addicted. It wounds the Body of Christ.

Wellness & Recovery Sunday Class (Parish Hall Forum) 9:30-10:15 a.m. in Trezevant Hall


Parish Hall Forum—The Infinite Value of a Painful Past: Interweaving his personal experience as a recovering person with the principles of Christian living, Father Stuart Hoke (through an interview by the Rev. Ollie V. Rencher, Rector) will focus on the miracle of Redemption—so visibly and actively at work in circles of Recovery.   He will speak on the spiritual signs and symptoms of addictive illness and “unpack” the good news that “showing others who suffer how we were given help is the very thing that makes life seem so worthwhile to us now.”  (Big Book, p. 124) Please join us Sunday, August 25, and invite your friends and loved ones who are in recovery, and those who have not yet found this way of life, to join you this day to celebrate and to hear this life saving message. The Rev. Stuart Hoke will lead the Parish Hall Forum and preach at 8 and 10:30 a.m. Come and hear what they have to say about this significant topic.

The Rev. Dr. Stuart Hoke is a national leader in the recovery efforts of the Episcopal Church. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised across the river in Arkansas, Fr. Hoke attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree. He then graduated from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he received the Master of Divinity degree. Ordained in 1972, Hoke spent a significant part of his ministry serving congregations in Arkansas and Texas.

In 1996, Fr. Hoke completed a Master’s degree in Sacred Theology at New York’s General Theological Seminary, and was awarded the Doctor of Theology degree in the spring of 2000. For the next eight years he served as Executive Assistant to the Rector of Trinity Wall Street in NYC, and Missioner to St. Paul’s Chapel at Ground Zero.

In his extensive work for the past 30 years in the ministry of recovery, Stuart has been a frequent conference and retreat conductor throughout the Episcopal Church; and continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Theology at General
Seminary—having pioneered 2 courses on the Church’s role in the treatment of addiction.

Fr. Hoke resides in Little Rock.

For information about Recovery Ministries at Grace-St. Luke's (www.gracestlukes.org/recoveryministries),
the diocesan commission on Addiction and Recovery (www.facebook.com/EpiscopalRecovery), or
the national Recovery Ministries organization (www.episcopalrecovery.org),
contact Lucy Owens at 901-252-6333 or lowens [at] graceslukes [dot] org.