Public Theology

Public Theology: Taking GSL Formation to the Community Offered 5:30-7 p.m. at Celtic Crossing

On March 7, GSL launched a new formation offering called Public Theology at Celtic Crossing in the Cooper Young neighborhood as one way to broaden fellowship and learning opportunities beyond the corner of Peabody and Belvedere. So far, 10-15 people of a wide age range have attended monthly first Thursday gatherings of laid-back, open conversations about a variety of clergy-facilitated topics. By popular demand and to allow others the chance to attend, events will continue during the summer months according to the following schedule. Past topics have included: What’s the Deal with Lent?; Sin: What exactly is sin? And why are Episcopalians so often afraid to talk about it?; and Practicing Resurrection: How To Live With Hope.

Upcoming gatherings:

  • Aug. 1    Holy Envy: Finding God in Other Faiths (The Rev. Amy M. George)
  • Sept. 5     Ignatian Spirituality: What a 16th century movement can say to a 21st century world. (The Rev. Meredith Jane Day)