Food Pantry Facts

Food Pantry 1st Grade Christmas 1

Mark your calendars! June 30 is Food Pantry Sunday! We ask that you bring tuna, peanut butter, dried milk, toiletries, and hygiene products..

We are grateful for the generosity and many gifts of GSL parishioners.  As I reported last month, our meat freezer stopped working and we lost a good amount of meat.  To address that situation, we had to purchase a new freezer.  We have received generous donations to cover the cost of this replacement.  We now have a new and bigger meat freezer.  May God bless us always!

April, Number of Families served: 57 households, which included 80 adults, 70 children, and 8 seniors.

Volunteer Hours for April: 23 hours, which included 10 hours distributing food, 3.5 hours Food Bank pick-up and shelving, 4.5 hours shopping and shelving, 5 hours cleaning and re-stocking, not including the hours spent by volunteer packers.

Volunteers are always needed! To volunteer, call Juan Fuentes, 901-849-7033, or email juanjf7777 at

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”  ― Maya Angelou