Food Pantry Facts for January

Food Pantry 1st Grade Christmas 1

Mark your calendars! The last Sunday of the month, March 31, is Food Pantry Sunday! We ask that you bring dried milk, tooth paste, cereal, soap, and hygiene products.

Thank you to the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for the food collection they brought on Scout Sunday! It’s appreciated and a big help. As always, thanks for the generosity of GSL parishioners and friends who help the “little food Pantry with a BIG heart” with its mission of helping those in need in our community.

We will be making a change in our Food Pantry Sundays. Because of extra food pantry storage space where the vending machine used to be, we are able to make larger orders of food from the Food Bank and keep a larger inventory than we have in the past. Therefore, with the March Food Pantry Sunday and thereafter, we will have our food drives quarterly instead of monthly. This means that we will have food drives on the last Sunday of the month in March, June, September, and December. If there is particular need otherwise, we will have an emergency food drive as needed. Lately, although the Food Bank has been stocking more food items and we can order a larger variety, we still have to purchase dried milk, bread, margarine, jelly, toilet paper, baby diapers, and hygiene products.

If you want to make a contribution in honor or in memory of someone, please feel free to do so by placing your check in the Sunday plate or by bringing the check to Lucy during regular weekly business hours. News about the Food Pantry will be published every month in the Messenger’s Food Pantry Facts, also in the Sunday bulletin, as well as the newsfeed in the hallway. With all our thanks and gratitude, as always, for all your help.

January, Number of Families served: 42 households, which included 52 adults, 63 children, and 12 seniors.

Volunteer Hours for January: 20.5 hours, which included 9 hours distributing food, 2.5 hours Food Bank pick-up and shelving, 4.5 hours shopping and shelving, 3.5 hours cleaning and re-stocking, not including the hours spent by volunteer packers.

Volunteers are always needed! To volunteer, call Juan Fuentes, 901-849-7033, or email juanjf7777 at

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou