Rivendell Community

Rivendell Community

The Rivendell Community is one of eleven Christian Communities of The Episcopal Church. The professed members of the Memphis Emmaus Chapter, the Companionsthose who break bread and share the journey togetherare women, men, laity, clergy, married and single individuals who live independently or with their families, and practice a Rule of Life designed to orient their whole lives to God and the Great Commandment, to love our neighbor as ourselves, and to learn to live into that on a daily basis through prayer, hospitality, and active participation and service in their parishes, dioceses, neighborhoods, other organizations, and larger communities.



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The Companions believe that the nature of Christianity is to live, work and share their lives in community, and they invite all to join them for prayer and conversation on Saturday evenings.

Hosts rotate among the friends and Companions of the Community, clustered in the midtown area close to Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. They gather from 5:30 until 8:00 for a potluck meal, social time, prayer and conversation centered on readings, especially the Gospel, from the lectionary for Sunday. "We believe that as we gather together in the name of Christ, our Lord will be with us as promised, as he was with the companions on the road to Emmaus, and will lead us into a deeper understanding of what we are called to be and to do in the world and times in which we live.



For more information, and the location of the Saturday night gatherings, please contact Murray McKay (murraymckay at comcast.net) or (901) 277-8867.

For the Rivendell Community as a whole, centered at the Motherhouse in Dunnegan, Missouri, visit the national Rivendell Community website.