Your gifts. Your parish.

All Grace-St. Luke's offerings would not be possible without the countless volunteers who give of themselves to make our glorious worship and vital programs happen. Please consider volunteering your time or gifts helping one or more of these groups with their important missions.

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Altar Guild


The Altar Guild has charge of all the linens, vessels, flowers, and other elements that prepare the altar and chancel for worship. The Altar Guild is coordinated by Lucy McLemore.

Breakfast Cooks/Crossmen


All men of Grace-St. Luke's are, by definition, members of the Grace-St. Luke's Crossmen. The Crossmen raise money to fund a variety of parish needs, and their primary means of fundraising is serving up breakfast at 8:45 every Sunday morning. Seven cook-teams rotate. Preston Wilson coordinates cook teams.

Christian Formation for Adults


The Adult Christian Formation Committee programs all the offerings for the adult Sunday School hour. In addition, they put together a fantastic annual speakers series.

Christian Education for Children


The Children's Christian Education Committee programs all the offerings for the children's Sunday School hour. In addition, they put together other children's and intergenerational activities throughout the year. The Children's Christian Formation committee is coordinated by Sharon Campbell (sharon [at] gracestlukes [dot] org).

Church Office Support


The church office relies on volunteers who answer the phones during staff meetings and while church staff go to lunch. Volunteers agree to a shift or to be called to fill in when a specific need arises. Contact Lucy Owens(lucy [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) to volunteer.

Heart and Hand

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The Heart and Hands Group meets weekly on Tuesday from 10–1 for fellowship, sandwiches, short spiritual remarks by the clergy, and continue their handwork. They knit warm items for our MTAM guests, make pillowcase dresses for the girls in Haiti, and create patchwork palettes for the homeless. With happy hearts and busy hands, they support our pastoral and community needs. Join them in the H&H room, lower level across from the elevator.

Fellowship Committee


The Fellowship Committee plans receptions and social events throughout the year. This committee serves a need within GSL by bringing together parishioners for food, fun and, of course, fellowship. More organizers, shoppers, cooks, decorators, and servers are always needed and welcome on the Fellowship Committee. They meet on the 4th Sunday of the month after the 10:30 service.  Kim Motschman-Cribb is chair of the Fellowship Committee and Janet Wyatt is the co-chair. 

Pastoral Care

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How we care for one another is one of the most telling ways in which we live out our discipleship and demonstrate our love for one other.  At Grace-St. Luke’s, Pastoral Care is a shared ministry with both clergy and lay participants in care giving and leadership. Team members ensure members of our community and others are cared for and loved in times of illness, family crisis, births, deaths, as well as in times of celebration. Contacts include cards, visits, meal and flower deliveries and Eucharistic visits. If your sense of vocation is to actively participate in Pastoral Care, please contact the Rev. Ollie Rencher (orencher [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) for discernment about this ministry. For team leaders, meeting dates and times, click here.



Welcomers and greeters are vital to our parish. They make sure visitors feel at home, and direct newcomers to the nursey, restrooms, parish hall, and other locations. The welcoming committee also follows up with visitors who want to learn more about our parish. Welcomers are coordinated by Linda Stine (lstine [at] gracestlukes [dot] org).

Youth Sports


The Athletic Committee is comprised of members who are Grace-St. Luke's School Parents and Guardians, Parishioners and Coaches and serve as an advisory board to the church Athletic Director.  Term limits are two terms; with the opportunity to serve once and serve 2 consecutive terms. The committee meets approximately four times a year and does a significant amount of work by email. 

Our mission is to provide player development through teaching sport fundamentals, athletic competition in a Christ-centered environment, teaching sportsmanship through meaningful playing time, coaching leadership, developing deeper friendships with players, parents and coaches and valuing the safety and wellbeing of all sports participants.