Men's Fellowship

Thursday Morning Men’s Fellowship: In Winter 2020, a new fellowship started as a weekly evolving conversation (Thursdays 7-7:45 a.m. in the Lounge) about spiritual growth, faith and doubt, current events and concerns, intellectual stimulation, and thoughtful living in a fast world. All men are invited to this fellowship facilitated by Doug Duncan and the Rev. Ollie V. Rencher, via ZOOM or whenever in person (outdoors or indoors). Weekly gatherings include prayer and informal conversations and newcomers are welcome anytime. 
Contact Doug (through Realm Connect) or Ollie+ (orencher [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) for more information and ZOOM access.


Crossmen's Breakfast Teams
(During the COVID-19 pandemic, this and other in-person food-and-beverage fellowship offerings are suspended.) 
Each Sunday morning a team of GSL men cooks a delicious breakfast for the parish that is served from 8:45–9:15 a.m. and also participate in other special events. If you are interested in serving on a team, contact Preston Wilson (through Realm Connect).