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Live At GSL

Live at GSL: Celebrate 901 Update on Events. Due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant and restrictions necessary for large events where food and beverage are served, Live at GSL will not offer a January event. Season organizers Grant Adams, Natalie Davis, and Bev Trojan are watching the situation to plan for and announce future events as soon it is possible to host them. 

Following the success and format of popular Third Thursdays, we now have Live at GSL: Celebrating 901 for adults of all ages and stages. Hosted by 2021-2022 season organizers Grant Adams, Natalie Davis, and Bev Trojan, Live at GSL presents monthly evenings of a hearty appetizers, beverages, and presentations from a talented array of 901 community leaders and organizations. Reservations are preferred and sign up details are included with each event. Spread the word about Live at GSL and watch for details about future events.