In The Church

More than a piece of property, a building, or any other construction, Grace-St. Luke's is a community of people. It is this warm community of faith that supports in times of crisis, challenges with new ideas, and joins in celebration. The numerous service (in-reach and outreach) and fellowship at Grace-St. Luke's, as well as the music and programs for adults, youth and children provide opportunities to build friendships.

Life at GSL continues to thrive and offer blessings to members and non-members, thanks to the time, talent and treasure offered by all to sustain our parish and its ministry. Even while we are physically distanced due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are ways for adults, youth and children to connect and get involved at GSL. To learn more, contact Stewardship Associate Chapman Morrow (901-252-6328, cmorrow [at] gracestlukes [dot] org). For information about giving to our stewardship pledge campaign, visit