Children's Chapel

Children's Chapel

Children’s Chapel

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First, welcome to Grace-St. Luke’s! Whether you are here for the first time or have come for many Sundays and are learning more about Children’s Chapel, welcome. There are a few things we would like to clearly communicate regarding Children’s Chapel, which takes place following the opening hymn and when the children return during “The Peace” during our 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist. (Times change during the summer.)

Second and third, why and what is Children’s Chapel? The Holy Eucharist is the center of our life and faith as Episcopalians! It can also be a hard liturgy to sit through for children ages birth through age 11. The Children's Chapel is a place where children can hear the Bible at their level, sing songs of faith, and pray together in creative ways. It is not “Jesus-themed baby-sitting” or a form of childcare. It is a sacred service and your support in preparing your child is appreciated! Some suggestions:

  1. Remind your children that they will be leaving service for a short time to hear the Bible, sing songs and pray together. We will occasionally do crafts and other activities and games. If you are new and want to join your child once or twice, you are welcome.
  2. If a stuffed animal or blanket will comfort your child, they may bring it. If at all possible, animals, toys, and other accessories should be left with parents. We have found them to be more of a distraction than help. Again, we prioritize grace, so use your best judgment.
  3. Review the chapel behavioral expectations below. We know children are children and practice patience. And it is helpful for all if we can reenforce together the CHAPEL expectations:

CHAPEL Expectations:

C-        Cooperate

H-        Hands and feet to yourself

A-        Always raise your hand

P-        Please respect yourself, others, and our space

E-        Enter calmly

L-         Listen while others are talking

For Children’s Chapel information and updates, including songs we sing and the ways we pray, check back often.