Burial of the Dead

Burial of the Dead

The end of our earthly physical life is a reality we all must face. Our Christian hope in everlasting life is based on our trust in Jesus’ resurrection and the words, “nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.” As soon as possible, please contact a member of the clergy in times of sickness or death of a loved one or sooner than later for advanced planning for burial. Our clergy want to be present whenever you face loss or grief and to assist in any ways possible.

Please Note: If you need to reach a priest after church office hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.), as death is approaching or at the time of death, dial the 24/7 Clergy-on-Call phone line at 901-252-6334. 


We make dinner plans. We make vacation plans. We make college, wedding, and house plans. We try to plan for the best life possible. Yet, despite our penchant for planning, we typically put off contemplating the final chapters of our lives – the plans that will allow us to live well until the end of life, with peace of mind and without crisis.

While it can be difficult to think of the end of our lives when we’re in the midst of living, thoughtful and prayerful consideration of these issues can help us work toward the graceful exit we desire. Advanced planning for burial can alleviate many of the practical difficulties our loved ones may face in the event of a medical crisis or sudden death.

In our "Planning A Graceful Exit" guide, you will find information that should be helpful in creating:

  • Advance Care Plans to make your wishes for care known and to appoint a healthcare agent who can make medical decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated; 
  • Funeral Plans to design a service that is reflective of your life as well as a comforting message to your loved ones about your values and beliefs; and 
  • Estate Plans to ensure your loved ones are cared for and your possessions are distributed as you may wish.

We encourage you to consult with your loved ones and any advisors (financial, medical, legal) in making the plans that are right for you, and to be in touch, sooner than later, with a member of our clergy to assist with planning. Click here to download the Planning A Graceful Exit guide or contact the church office (901-272-7425) for a copy.


Located in the memorial garden on the west side of the church building, each Columbarium limestone niche is $3,000 and holds the cremains of one or two people, up to two urns. A nominal fee will be charged at the time of interment for the engraving of names and dates. The price for inclusion in the Scatter Garden is $500 for each person, and includes names and dates on a plaque in the garden area. The total for either the Columbarium or the Scatter Garden is payable upon reservation. A portion of all sales is dedicated to the perpetual care of the garden area. Inclusion is open to all, just as are our faith and the doors of our church. For more information, contact the church office at 901-272-7425.




The whole of our church is more than its bricks and mortar. Worship and fellowship. Growth and change. Examination and discovery. Gain and loss. Celebration and consolation.

All are part, and all are shared. We now add another final resting place to complete our journey in the Anglican tradition of the English churchyard. Here where we lived and loved in faith we will remain in eternal victory. Forever part of Grace-St. Luke's Church.