Altar Mosaic

Altar Mosaic


A glass tile mosaic, a copy of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper," was placed above the altar of Grace Church at Vance and Lauderdale in 1924.

Mrs. Margaret Boyle Falls tells the story of its purchase: "I saw this mosaic for the first time at Gorham's in New York in 1920. My mother and aunt and I were shopping for my wedding, and I had selected my silver there. We were shown this mosaic at that time. We were told that it had been made in Italy and that the price was $5,000.00. Two years later my grandmother died. Her daughters felt that it would be a fitting memorial for her."

Today, the reredos is installed in Grace-St. Luke's Church in memory of Mrs. Anne Overton Brinkley Snowden, the daughter of Robert Campbell Brinkley, who gave the lot for St. Mary's Cathedral. Mrs. Snowden was the granddaughter of John Overton, one of the three founders of Memphis. 

- from "The Story of Grace-St. Luke's Church," by Martha Wharton Jones