Altar Flowers

Altar Flowers

Sunday Altar Flowers

Grace-St. Luke’s provides two meaningful ways to remember loved ones during worship services: altar flowers and Eucharistic supplies given in their memory or honor. Flowers are $215 per Sunday, which one or more persons may share in giving, and Eucharistic supplies (wafers, wine, candle oil) are $25 per week. To explore and make payments to reserve available dates, including dates that may hold significance and have been reserved by you in the past, contact Communications Associate Lucy Owens (901-252-6333, Your request must be made no later than two weeks in advance of the desired Sunday; further in advance may show more available dates. Once the date is confirmed, please issue payment for the appropriate fee (listed above) either online or mail it to the parish office. Your donation must be received for the reservation to be considered complete, and for the acknowledgement to be printed in the Sunday leaflet. View calendar for open Sundays. 

Click here to make a donation for altar flowers and supplies

Easter Altar Flowers: March 31 Deadline

If you would like to make a donation in honor of or in memory of a loved one for Easter flowers, you may send a check to the church office (1720 Peabody Ave., 38104, ATTN: Lucy Owens) listing the names of those you would like remembered. You can also give us your name(s) and donate online. If received by March 31 these names will be listed in the Easter leaflets. There is no set fee for giving flowers at Easter and Christmas. Click here to make a donation for altar flowers and supplies.  Contact Communications Associate Lucy Owens (901-252-6333, with questions.