Fees, Coaches, Inclement Weather


GSL Church Fairness Policy on Practice Attendance and Game Playing Time

Registration fee for each sport is $60 - $121. The registration fee pays for: League Fees, Pictures, Non-Volunteer Coaches, Administration Costs, Equipment, Trophies, Uniforms, and Basketball Door Security.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to avoid waste and extra cost, our policy is that ALL UNIFORMS be recycled and returned to the coaches at the end of the season. Registration fees cover uniform replacements for the program.  At present, participants do not buy the uniform, with the exception of hats and socks in baseball/softball. We appreciate your cooperation in recycling for the program's use and savings.


GSL Church coaches are Volunteer Parent Coaches. This is the traditional format for recreational leagues, but efforts are made to equip coaches with knowledge and assistance to ensure good coaching.

ALL GSL Coaches are REQUIRED to attend a "Safeguarding God's Children" class or complete the online training course, be fingerpritned, do a background check, and fill-out coaches paperwork to ensure your child's safety.

Inclement Weather Information

ESCRA Soccer, Flag Football, and Basketball Weather Hotline- please call the ESCRA Inclement Weather Hotline at 336-RAIN (7246) on game days to inquire about game cancellations due to inclement weather.