Grace-St. Luke's Church Sports build confidence and friendships.

The Church Athletic Department provides sports activities for children ages JK - 4th grades. Currently, we offer:

Grace St. Luke’s Church belongs to several church leagues which offer the best all-around conditions for Christian team sports. Our purpose is to provide for athletic competition which promotes and develops enjoyable and exciting experiences for the players.

Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church Youth Sports focus on the players having fun, receiving instruction in sports fundamentals and providing a healthy and wholesome Christian environment in which to participate.

GSL teams are placed in different leagues according to their needs, individual ability and the desire to challenge players to excel. All of the JK - 4th grade church teams are part of a feeder system which prepares them for the middle school sports (5th - 8th grade). To promote fairness, recreational team assignments are made according to the individual player's school grade and ability. Our policy is that each child is to play a minimum of 50% per game, e.g. a player will play a minimum of 2 quarters of a 4 quarter game.

*Efforts are made with GSL Coaches and leagues to accommodate multiple (overlapping) GSL Sports.  Please refer to the GSL Church “Fairness Policy” (included on the online registrations and under "policies" on sports website) if you have any questions about practice attendance and game playing time.   

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Volunteer Coaches and Athletic Donations

Volunteer coaches are required to attend a Safeguarding God's Children Class, get fingerprinted, have a background check and fill out volunteer paperwork with references to ensure the children's safety.


If you have any questions please contact Christi Authement at 901-272-7425 ext. 220, 901-825-7353 or by email (christi [at] gracestlukes [dot] org).