Small Group Classes - Lent 2017

Wed Evening In Lent2

As part of our commitment to providing excellent programming, we have small group classes which meet during the Fall and Spring.  These classes are an opportunity for those people who feel called to delve a bit deeper with the guidance of some remarkable mentors.  Please take a moment and see which class might pique your interest.  

The Lent 2017 classes meet the following Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 PM:

  • March 8
  • March 22
  • March 29
  • April 5

Class size limited to 12.
Please contact Sharon Campbell (sharon [at] gracestlukes [dot] org) if you would like childcare. 

Finding Balance in a World of the Known and the Unknown: Qohelet’s Observations in the Book of Ecclesiastes with Daniel F. Pigg

Dan Pigg Cropped

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In our four-week study of this usual book in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, we will explore the nature of Hebrew wisdom literature in this unique representation. For Qohelet, finding balance in a world of the known and the unknown gives meaning to life. We will explore how his understanding can enrich our own Lenten journey and beyond. 

Daniel Pigg is a Professor of English at The University of Tennessee at Martin, where in addition to teaching English, he also teaches Religious Studies. In addition to holding a PhD in English, specializing in the Middle Ages, he has a Master of Arts in Religion from Memphis Theological Seminary and a Master of Sacred Theology from The University of the South (Sewanee). His focus in both degrees in religion is the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. He has taught short courses on various biblical and theological topics at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Memphis, where he also serves as a verger, and at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Jackson, TN.

This class meets in the Peete Room.

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The Intersection of Theatre and Religion with Pamela Poletti


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“Once upon a time.” 
“In the beginning. . .” 
“Act 1”

Stories, rites and rituals seem to be essentially human. Participants will engage round table discussions celebrating the benefits provided by theatre and religion that uplift and strengthen our community.

Local award winning actress, Pamela Poletti received both her B.A. in theatre and MFA in Directing from the University of Memphis and has been involved with Memphis theatre for well over twenty years as a teacher, actress and director. It was her opportunity to teach a semester of Theatre History at Rhodes College that ignited her interest in the relationship between theatre and religion. Currently she lives in High Point Terrace with her husband and fellow thespian Sam Weakley, and daughter, Mimi.

This class meets in the Lounge.

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For the Time Being – Annie Dillard with Richard Lawson & Katherine Bush

Richard And Katherine Cropped

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Near the beginning of For the Time Being, Annie Dillard describes what this unusual book is about:  "Several subjects recur and resume in each of the seven chapters. They are: scenes from a paleontologist’s explorations in the deserts of China, the thinking of Hasidic Jews of Easter Europe, a natural history of sand, individual clouds and their moments in time, human birth defects, information about our generation, narrative bits from modern Israel and China, and quizzical encounters with strangers.” In one sense, the book is a stark theological view of what life is actually like. Katherine Bush and Richard Lawson love Annie Dillard, and they will lead a series on this book, which may be Dillard's darkest, hardest, and therefore most rewarding. If the subject of God and human suffering keeps you up at night, this class might not make things better, but you will be in good company.

This class meets in Room 212.

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